The Yummy Art Show is at Brother's Drake Meadery this weekend!  I and my friend, Tricia, both have pieces representing us and Cap City Creatives at this event!  Though hers are MUCH yummier than mine.  Wine = Yummy,right? And who doesn't love the great city of Columbus?lol
Be sure to stop  by Travonna Coffee House as well  on Saturday evening for the Artist Meet and Greet, I'll be stopping in and there are so many talented and amazing artists showing there as well!

New look and such

I've not been happy with the layout of this blog pretty much from the beginning and I kept putting it to the back burner.  Well no more!  and I think I actually like this one.

Since the last time I posted, I have sold a number of pieces during Urban Scrawl and Indpendent's Day.  I might even go for my own booth next year at Independent's Day since I did so well.  Make sure you check out my flickr to see some of the latest creations.  Here's a preview of one I did for the theme wall at Travonna Coffee House.


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