Urban Scrawl 6

Been really busy this week getting things together for Urban Scrawl 6 at 400 West Rich St this weekend(25-26).  Going to have some older pieces and some newer ones for sale.  Lots of price points!!!

Here are a few new pieces to check out!

Some small Frankensteins- they are all framed out now like the one to the right

An 8x10 Teal Ernest Hemingway

 A Lime Green Muhammed Ali and to change things up a bit a little Owl on a funky background :)     



A new piece that will be for sale at Urban Scrawl 6 next weekend!!! James Dean from the movie Giant...I think he was a pretty hot cowboy :)


Lots to do this week, so there should be lots and lots of posts!  So far on my list is 4 Frankensteins, Lon Chaney, James Dean, Ernest Hemingway, Muhammad Ali and an owl ;)  I also went back in and tweaked this Johnny Cash a little to better define his pointing hand.  All of these things will be on sale at GREAT prices at Urban Scrawl at 400 West Rich on August 25th and 26.  I take Cash and Check(as long as it doesn't look suspicious ☺)


The little tractor that could..Final

All done with the tractor piece that I stared earlier in the week.  I change the green a little added some clouds...and voila!

and then I created this demented piece for the CCC show...something a little out of the ordinary...you might have to zoom in for the full effect


Come see me and my art!!!!


Part 2 of the Landscape

This is part two of the beginnings of the landscape I posted about a few days ago.  This little tractor has been a symbol in other pieces of art that I have created, for my father.  He passed away when I was nine years old, leaving me and my mom to take care of things.  He had this tractor, a Farmall, that he used to plow and till our garden and on occasion take a ride down to my grandparents house.  He used to let me steer while I sat on his lap.  Some of my fondest remembrances of him.


Something new...

As you can tell with the art that I have on this blog, one can see that I have artistic ADD.  I get bored of one thing and try something else, then go back to the other thing.  What I SHOULD be doing is working on art for Urban Scrawl(http://www.facebook.com/events/455774831108793/) or for the CCC Birthday Party....who knows perhaps this piece will show up at one of those places in the next few weeks( http://www.facebook.com/events/419333134779147/)

If you can't tell at this point, it's a landscape albeit a very bright one :)

...and yes there will be a tractor too

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