A couple more ;)

Just a couple stragglers for the upcoming December Gallery Hop!  And I totally forgot to take a pic of my finished Artmageddon piece...check out Cap City Creatives on FB and you'll soon see what Artmageddon is!!! Be our friend!  http://www.facebook.com/capcity.creatives?ref=ts&fref=ts

 Bruce Cambell as Ash from Evil Dead 2

Redd Foxx sign

Christmas Pop!

Pop Art is a great Christmas present, am I right? :) Here are a few things that are going to be hanging out at Travonna Coffee House for the month of December!

 Another Installment of my silhouette series...a shot of the powerlines outside of my house

 Marilyn Monroe cutout on a button covered background

 James Dean from his cowboy movies


A quick little green Frankenstein...hard to see the little highlights I put in this one...I'm sure it will look better framed and in person.

Still up...Redd Foxx, Bruce Lee, Etta James and Princess Leia...


New Venue pt 2

I now have a new venue to show my work!  Right down the street from my house in Old Hilliard at the Sweet Salvage Shop ( http://www.sweetsalvageshoppe.net/ ).  Beautiful shop of antique, shabby chic and handmade goods!  Today was their holiday open house and they are set to have one again on December 8th.  Here is a another taste of what they have from me :)


New Venue

Well...this weekend was supposed to be about me resting, writing a new artist's statement and starting to develop my portfolio.  I just kinda threw myself into making art and seemed to have forgotten those things...lol.  Nah, I didn't got to art school or anything :/
Instead of my weekend being full of all of that, I stopped by the Sweet Salvage shop in Old Hilliard and now I am taking pieces to her on Tuesday to hang in her shop for the holidays!  So I worked on some new pieces and refurbished frames!  Here is a taste of the new items in my life and they will be hanging at 3856 Lattimer Street off Cemetary Rd in Hilliard.  Please stop by during their open house next Saturday!  Open 10-5pm.

 This might be the best Marilyn that I have done :)

 John Wayne

Small Marilyn

Abraham Lincoln


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