1st Show of May 2013

Woo Hoo!  Spring is B-U-S-Y!!! Here are some pieces that will be heading up to my first show going up in May at Utrecht on High Street in the Short North!




Been a busy week.  I was back at work for the whole week after things have settled with my mom.  Agora X was a hit and I sold my piece that was there! A big thank you to Ron Clark!

 Been working on some new things for EcoChic Craftacular that is happening at Whetstone in Columbus on May 4th.  Going to be there with my art group, Cap City Creatives, and hopefully making alot of sales!  Here's a little nibble of what I've been doing this week...


Ermagerd! Going Out With a bang!

Junctionview Studios, a cornerstone of the arts scene in Columbus, will be closing it's doors shortly after the Agora X Show.  Columbus Alive highlighted Agora in it's latest issue and guess who's piece made the article!  EEEK!

Here's a sneak peek but make sure to check out the whole article and SHOW U to support LOCAL if your in the area!


Woodys Hayes for Airways

I have a Woody Hayes painting up for  auction being held at American Lung Association's Fairways for Airways being held on Monday, Apr 22nd. Please check out the link and consider donating to this great charity that is close to the hearts of both myself and the Sinzinger Family. Their son,Matthew, has such bad asthma problems and they work hard each day to help the ALA gain funds to find a cure.
Here's a sneak peek! And a link to the event!  http://www.lung.org/associations/charters/midland-states/fundraising-events/golf-tournaments/FFA-Columbus.html


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