Okay No joking this time!

I'm gonna start creating again!  I've been in a crafting slump since the fall craft show that I did last year.  Some of the stuff I was doing was starting to become an unpaid part time job...mainly taking part in waaaaaay too many artist trading card swaps.  I think I'm gonna start making them again...but I'm gonna stick with only swapping one on one on FLICKR.  It's so much easier!  And now that I have my new computer everything should be so much easier and not take 12 years to modify photos and upload them!  Yay!  So...I'm gonna start bein' crafty again!  Watch out world!


  1. Rock on! Also, please ditch the middle background graphic, cannot...see....words....

    If not, no biggie, will totally read from dashboard...looks like this 'ground's all in one piece?


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