Gonna get back into the ATC's

All righty!!!  I'm gonna get back into doing ATC's, I have decided! Perhaps if I write it and say it over and over it will happen!!!  It's been the worst week I think that I have ever had.  My Mom almost died of Congestive heart failure and I spent many hours on the road going back and forth.  I worked all weekend.  My shoulders hurt like I have been beaten--from spring cleaning Mom's apartment for her,so she could come into a clean and more smoke free environment(she also found out she had one lung useless from Emphysema!) and poor Vienna goes to the Vet tomorrow to be fixed!  So... I need something to calm and soothe my soul and to keep me from jumping off of something!  So ATC's it will be!  I'll post them on Flickr when I get some done!!!


Bah!  Trying to mess around with the layout of my page so that I will get motivated about doing things...Perhaps when my Bamboo Fun Pen comes in the mail....☺

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