So, I entirely blame this blog on my coworker, Blake...he got a blog...I read the blog...I want a blog...why?
I haven't the foggiest idea...But I figure...hey! I can use this to show off my crafty stuff and Artist Trading Cards and other random weird crap that I come across that I want to share with the universe...oh crap.


  1. hey, maybe you will insprire me to start posting stuff on my blog again! i'm sooooooo behind on that! sigh.

  2. Yeah! Welcome to the blog addiction! I agree with blueberry... maybe you will inspire me to update mine (shamefully 3 months outdated). I can't wait to see your artsy stuff!!

  3. Welcome aboard the blog-o-ship, I find your Artist Cards rather Craft-tacular!

    Diggin' that slide show.
    Totally absorbing blame for this blog, with no remorse! BWAHAHA.


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