I'm Alive!

Alive and Posting!  Sorry it's been a little bit, so I have alot of things to share!  

I've been slamming on my piece for the 2013 Agora Columbus Show at Junctionview Studios.  As this is Junctionview's last hurrah, I wanted to make something big and fun.

The Background is painted with a mixture of regular spray paint and Liquitex acrylic spray paint
( http://www.liquitex.com/spraypaint/ ).  Interesting stuff this Liquitex paint, I like it except for the slightly spoiled paint smell that it has.  I really like the circles(using an old record).  Makes me think of the lights of the Paparazzi going off as the two love birds embrace.  I'm entitling this one Pop Love or How Marilyn Met Frankie. Very Happy with THIS!

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